Buying Clothes that Fit You Perfectly

So how do you buy a shirt that fits you perfectly?

Firstly make sure the cuffs don’t outrun your wrists. Depending on your body type, choose shirts which will hide your flaws. For instance, if you are oversized, and have fuller hips and waist, then buying fitter, tight shirts is not for you.

Whenever you purchase a shirt, make sure you take a walk after wearing it.


In the case of buying dresses, you have to be certain about the type, shape and length. Whenever you buy a Cocktail dress, make sure it sits well on your shoulders, and settles good out your waist and hips. In case not, the dress you buy will make you look like a hanger, and you don’t want that experience.

Don’t buy dresses which are too fitting. Prom dresses allow you to breathe, and be easy to alter, in case you need to revise the measurements of the dress.


Now this is definitely tricky. For women to buy the perfect brassiere and briefs from a Womens fashion online store, involves a lot of second-guessing and deliberation. When you go into your room to try the brassiere, keep a few things in mind. The bra which you purchase should not be too tight or very loose. The garment should support your bust well and stay in place.

Make adjustments. In case you find the straps discomforting, take them off, and wear the brassiere again. Perhaps it will fit better and make you feel better.

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