When Should You Rewrite Your Will

It is not wise to become self assured after writing a Will. External situations are subject to sudden and unfortunate changes. Will estate lawyers can guide people to rewrite their Will.

Will and estate lawyers Brisbane encourage rewriting of the Will in the following situations.

During the Divorce procedure

A new Will must be drafted when one is considering divorce. An attorney must make changes in the existing Will. The previous Will might enable a spouse to get a considerable amount of property of his or her estranged partner. While the Divorce process is going on and there is a sudden death of the client, then the old Will determine how the estate will be divided.

Some clients have huge financial assets in the form of real estate, life insurance, and cash savings. The client may not be willing to give everything to their spouse. But in the case of the client’s death, all the wealth will go to the spouse. The terms and conditions of the former Will will prevail. Many clients want to change their Will after completion of the Divorce procedure. But that becomes a futile exercise.

If one is thinking of going through a Divorce then it is always wise to ask their attorney to make changes in the Will or make a new Will.

You may write it yourself or DIY

You may contact an attorney for writing a living will or may do it yourself. Unless your case is a complicated one (tax issues, second marriage, numerous assets) you probably need not hire a lawyer for making your will. You may fill out the will form which is also available online. These forms cover most of the contingencies and questions that an advocate asks while creating your living will.

If you need to contest will, make sure that you hire the best person to help you with it.