Surface Water Drainage Guide

Flooding caused by poor surface water drainage can lead to the creation of small ponds which becoming the breeding grounds of mosquitoes and larvae, resulting in malaria.

Importance of Building Inspections

It is very easy for a layperson to miss the actual trouble spots in his surface water drainage system, especially if he doesn’t know what to look for. If you are not sure why your house or property gets flooded every time there is a downpour or if you cannot detect the problems with your surface water drainage system, it is best to arrange for building inspections.

Sometimes, the problems with a poor surface water drainage system get hidden under the beautiful landscaping outside a home. Many home sellers cover their old lawn/garden/walkway surfaces with designer concrete or stone stepping slabs. It helps to impress prospective home buyers but the drainage underneath these pavers is often useless.

During a downpour, runoff floaws down through the pavers and drainage grates to the surface on which the stones are laid. Instead of draining away, the runoff is actually pooling under the stone slabs and causing damage to the property. Undetected and unrectified surface drainage system issues can become a heavy financial burden on you if you have to repair the whole system.

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Concrete drilling and cutting is an important part of any renovation project.