Video Production Equipment

• A video camera.
A video camera is the centrepiece of your video production. Depending on various aspects like the location of shoot, the budget and type of production you can choose a camera with different specs one that fits your needs. Whatever camera you decide to pick, consider one with high capture and perfect audio.

• Tripod and lenses.
You do not want a shaky or blurry production. A tripod is a great asset that you will need for clear, steady and professional productions. A good production should have quality lenses for serving the purpose of it. A great camera lens can transform your shoot from a poor film to a pro film. Wide range, zoom in, clear or protective lenses should come in handy depending by the location of shoot, weather and type of shoot.

• Shotgun microphone.
A shotgun microphone plays a big role in capturing excellent audio. You definitely don’t want an amateur like footage with low or no audio. A shotgun can be placed on the camera or a boom pole.

• Light reflector and Audio cables.
A light reflector is a must have for a glamorous video production. This can turn any amateur production to a sparky production. For great audio, you will need cables running from your camera to microphone.

• Wireless microphone.
A wireless microphone is the second best thing that can happen in any video production especially if it involves moving around or in a documentary. Unless you have an audio person to hold a boom microphone, a wireless microphone is a must have for flexibility.

• Extra batteries, video tapes, flash memory cards and an external hard drive.
Unless shooting in the amazon, extra batteries should come in handy. About three or four batteries should be enough to cover you for the shoot. The last thing you need is run out of charge in the midst of a shoot. You also don’t want to find your footage distorted. This is why storage equipment should be in your must have list. In case your shoot is wide and long, you will need an external hard drive to pour into from your memory cards.

• Video camera bag and headphones.
You definitely don’t want your camera and photos rained on. This is why you should get a weather proof and firm bag to carry your equipment without any damage worries. Headphones play a major role in monitoring the sound at all times of the shoot. A comfortable pair of headphones should be considered to avoid any ugly surprises later.

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