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Tour packages are costlier during peak seasons like vacations. Rates are lower in other seasons. So if you can, plan your trip for a low season so that all the costs are reduced. You will also not have to deal with a large crowd and you can get better services during the “off seasons.”

Group Size

Group tour packages are cheaper than individual packages. The obvious reason for this is that the cost is distributed among more number of people. The agent and all the other services which are included in the package usually offer group discounts.

The Travel Agent

Book your tour package through an agent with a good reputation. Ask your friends for references of travel agents. Find out the service rates charged by them. Ask if all that was promised was delivered. Find out the cities where the agent has offices. Keep the contact number of the agent in both your own city and the city you are visiting, handy for use.


These days the customer is the king. You can bargain with the travel agent on the service charges he is levying on the package. You can also negotiate if you know the ticket rates for travelling to your destination. Ask the agent how much he is charging for the tickets, accommodation, local travel and other expenses. Then work out the cost yourself and discuss prices with your travel agent.


Do not forget to get travel insurance for yourself and your group. Travelling with insurance is always safe.