Understanding The Basics Of Time Lapse 101

Time lapse photography is a fun experience especially if you are just getting to know the basic techniques, tips, tutorials and resources for operation. Time lapse 101 works to bring a variety of tutorials that have been covered in different settings into one single location. The main goal for doing this is to create a fun platform for professionals to undertake their experiments. For time lapse 101 to be successful, you need to gather some basic tools as mentioned below.

Tripod is a kind of stand that will your time lapse camera a grip. This will come in handy to save you from long hour of standing in case your photo shoot session will require a long time to complete. It will also help control the camera movement to keep photos still.

For a camera, you need to consider the factors that make a time lapse camera be of quality. Make sure it is able to produce quality picture so that your time lapse production effects will end up producing quality movies.


Good cameras will come with remote or time lapse intervalometers times that are already inbuilt in them. For those that are bought without you need to consider certain factors as price, accuracy and effectiveness. The main work of this gadget is to automate the shutter trigger so that you end up with reliable photos for your movie.

memory card will help you store as much photos in your computer as possible. A reader on the other hand will be needed to extract such photos from your time lapse camera to the computer for editing.

Your session will be ready as soon as you finish gathering these appliances. All the steps that are undertaken by a professional photographer are the same steps that a beginner will be taken through as well. The first thing that is done is to come up with a viable subject that you intend to successfully complete within the required period.

You will be required to do your calculation putting into consideration the time you will have complete your movie, the design that you will love for your photo to have in the end and the time intervals between frames.

The next critical thing to do is take your still photos. You are requested to take your time, look around and pay attention. Remember that your time lapse cameras is mounted on the tripod and given all the recommended settings. Caption your photos to your best.

When done with that, you will take the next step and edit them according to what you want to see and what others will like as well. Compile all your photos and create your time lapse movie all of which will be successful after final editing of music and effects.