Take Your Business Online Using the China Import Formula

Imagine having the world as your own marketplace. In the past decades, this can seem out of reach. However, this is very much possible today with the help of the internet. China Import Formula (CIF) helps you take advantage of what the world wide web can offer to expand your business. Here are some ways CIF helps you do this.

Use Online Marketplaces

This is the essential step in taking your business online. You will be importing products from China. If you can buy your products from another country, you can certainly sell it to people abroad.

Of course, you still have the option to sell your items in brick-and-mortar stores. However, this can limit your market to customers who have access to your physical location. By selling online, you can find buyers within your country and from overseas as well.

Get Paid

You might be wary of giving away your bank or credit account information to strangers. It can also be expensive and time-consuming to wire money from one place to another. You can eliminate this concern by registering with services as PayPal.

With these, you just need to connect your main account to your account. You will not be giving your personal information when collecting payments. Instead, you can just give customers the email address you use for these services.

Set-up a website

If online marketplaces are not enough for you, your best bet is to create a website. This way, you can provide visitors with helpful information, advertise your products and sell them as well. This is a smart step for elevating your business from a small shop to one with a wider reach.

Join CIF

Brendan offers free seminars and online lectures. You can register for the free workshop through the CIF website. It also contains video training you can watch to learn more about the import lifestyle. You will be able to learn how to negotiate, find good manufacturers and trustworthy drop shippers.

Visit the China Import Formula website to know how to join the import lifestyle. You can get the opportunity to learn the secrets of importation from Brendan Elias himself.