Ways of Carpet Cleaning Different from the Steam Carpet Cleaning

Rotary Wash

Effective to clean hard packed areas or carpets. This method uses a machine cleaner that has a roller belt or conveyer that is in between two brushes or brush belts. The brushes scrub the dirt and the dirt is dropped on the roller belt which channels the dirt to a waste container. This method involves the use of very little water thus very short drying time thus using a almost equivalent time gap compared to the steam carpet cleaning method


Shampoo cleaning was the cleaning technique in the 1970s which was used before the advent of the hot water extraction, encapsulation and other methods. Shampoo involves coconut oil soaps which is applied to the carpet and does not involve rinsing exposing the disadvantage of this method compared to steam carpet cleaning. A modified method proposed is to combine the shampoo and the extraction method. Dirt is loosened by the application of the shampoo and then it is easily extracted thereafter thus minimizing the need to do subsequent cleaning operations. However this requires more drying time.

Dry Ice Blasting

A dry ice beam is used to blow away dirt from the carpet fiber without using moisture. This method is however dear or costly and is mostly used for vehicle interiors’ cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners clean carpets by creating vacuums that suck up the dirt which is then subjected to filtering system using cyclones which collect dirt for later disposal

Stain Removal

Stains are removed using various methods for instance grass and tea leaves were used to remove dust from carpets; ink is sometimes removed with lemon or with oxalic acid, oil with white bread etc. Permanent stains such as food colors on carpets may be removed via extreme heating methods such as steam carpet cleaning method.


Broom cleaning, brushes, dustpans are all methods of cleaning carpets however better methods have come into existence with steam carpet cleaning increasing the life cycle of carpets

Carpets cleaned by a carpet professional cleaner take less time to dry compared to carpets cleaned by other persons. This is because more power, detergent is used and more water is sucked in thus quick drying. People in dry areas can use dry cleaning methods thus conserving more water as opposed to persons in other areas. It is advisable to carefully select the correct type of carpet thus knowing the correct method of cleaning particularly the effective method for instance the steam carpet cleaning method depending on the quality and type of carpet.

Find out why steam cleaning your carpets increases their life span and makes them feel even better under your feet.