Enjoy a Luxury Day Tours in Sri Lanka and Experience the Magic of the Island

Undoubtedly Sri Lanka is a seamless holiday destination that comprises unlimited tourist attractions and unique features. This tropical paradise that is perfectly located in the equatorial region and the central point of the Indian Ocean is big enough to cater for any tourists and at the same time small enough to personalize their excursions as per their interests.The diverse tourist attractions in Sri Lanka range from sandy beaches, splendid coral banks and to a deep underwater world to lush highlands, waterfalls, and green carpeted tea estates to wonderfully varied wildlife to heritage and cultural sights. Ultimately the holiday tours in Sri Lanka are exceptional, thanks to the abundant natural and cultural assets that the country owns.

Being a country that is naturally endowed, Sri Lanka tours take a peerless sphere of ecotourism. The eco tours feature various attractions and activities that are wide-ranging. For example, the cool mountains, thick rain forests, and dry zone jungles are ideal for wildlife safaris, camping and caving tours, trekking and hiking, mountain biking and cycling, rock climbing, forest exploration tours, kayaking and much more. In contrast, the abundant Indian Ocean surrounding the island also offers multi-faceted excursions and activities that are environmentally friendly as well as exciting. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing in Sri Lanka are the prime activities amongst the splendid range of eco-tourism activities available along the silver coastline of the island. The marine eco tours in Sri Lanka also include whale and dolphin watching in the Northwest, Eastern and Southern parts of the country, turtle watching, water skiing, wind surfing, kite surfing and much more.

Apart from these exclusive adventure tours, Sri Lanka eco tours also display a serene side of experiences and features such as traditional weddings and honeymoon in Sri Lanka, photography and film shooting, sightseeing excursions, visiting archeological sites, getting treated in the eco-themed Ayurveda spas and much more.

As an additional feature of eco-tourism, there are various eco hotels to be found. These eco hotels are artistically built within lavish landscapes while investing more in highlighting nature as it is, to the guests. The concept of eco-friendly is well applied in these types of hotels and resorts while involving the modern and sophisticated amenities and hospitality services to delight the guests. These boutique hotels are famous for the range of traditional as well as the conventional cuisine that are healthy and simultaneously delicious. The recipes mainly include organic ingredients and the cooking methodologies which are health conscious. Additionally the day spas in such hotels and resorts offer a full-range of treatments that follow the ancient Asian messaging and health healing practices.

All these amazing features of Sri Lankan eco tours and holidays have started to attract plenty of Naturalists, Nature Enthusiasts, Bird Lovers, Wildlife and Nature Photographers and Holiday Makers from all over the world.

Exploring Sri Lanka in many angles offers copious avenues to enjoy eco-friendly tours that are beneficial for the travelers as well as the environment. Hence going on eco-holidays in Sri Lanka, undeniably brings the perfect blend of relaxation that you expect, amusement that you have never experienced and memories that last forever. For the best Sri Lanka day tours and packages, check out the Lankan Destinations website!