Guidelines When Sending Gifts to Australia

If you are planning to ship a gift to Australia from another country, be sure to know the legalities and follow certain standard procedures. This way, your gift will arrive safely and in time for the receiver to enjoy it.

Check the list of Items that Can/Cannot be Shipped

The DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) has stringent guidelines on the categories of items that are allowed to or prohibited from entering Australia. Before packing gifts, you must therefore ensure that the item you are sending does not fall in the prohibited category.

Womens fashion like clothes, shoes and accessories should be carefully packed when sending this as a gift.

Provide Enough Postage

Insufficient postage can mean that either your gift will be returned to you without delivery or the receiver will have to pay the remaining amount to claim gift from the post office. Both situations are equally embarrassing and you would want to avoid it by paying the right postage amount.

To do this correctly, take your gift to the post office and have it assessed for postage cost before the shipping. The post office will also advise you on options available for shipping your gift. You can compare multiple services in terms of cost, speed and efficiency of service and select the one most suitable for you.

In general, you cannot ship plant or animal products, seeds, nuts, soil, grains, plant cuttings or bulbs, ornamental plants, raw coffee beans, dairy products, exotic fruits and vegetables, handicraft items, souvenir made from animal parts, medical sample etc. The list is quite exhaustive and you must check thoroughly so that when you are shipping gifts to Australia will not be quarantined. In case your shipment is detained, all your money and effort will go in complete waste.