Senior Holidays – Benefits of Holidaying in a Group

There are many advantages of travelling abroad in a group, especially if you are a senior single and wished to see the world after your retirement. It is true that not everybody is comfortable with the idea of group travelling and sharing Holiday homes Byron bay with rank strangers. But if you are outgoing, friendly and love meeting new people while visiting new places, group travelling may be right up your alley.

Saves Money, Hassle Free

When you travel independently as a senior single, it costs much more than what you would have to spend if you were travelling in a senior singles’ group. Senior singles with severe budget constraints should always consider group travelling as it helps save money and is much more affordable.

Senior holidays conducted tours will also help save you money on accommodation and air fares (think group discount for seniors). As a result, you will be able to stay in fancier, more expensive and plush hotels without paying through your nose when you travel in a group. Nor do you have to worry about reservation, booking hassles and seat/room availability. Everything is taken care of by the tour operator and manager.


Because of your advancing age and health issues, it is better to travel in groups of senior singles when you are abroad or in a different state far from home. Most reputable conducted tours for senior singles have an in house medical expert travelling with them.

Tour Guides

If you travel in a group, you won’t have to hire a separate tour guide as your operator or manager will double up as a guide.

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