Types of Security Screen Doors

Security screens doors is a must have in your home. You may install them to protect your home against burglaries, thefts and even pests and insects. They do not obstruct the view of the outside from the interior. There are several types of security screen doors available. The aesthetically appealing screen doors add to the worth of a home. It is crucial to choose the right kind of door for your purpose.

Marine Steel Mesh

These screens are fabricated from marine grade (T316) mesh of stainless steel. It is resistant to corrosion and is particularly appropriate for places with high salt levels in the atmosphere. A coating of a special black powder protects the mesh.See Security screens Brisbane

The screen mesh is about 0.8mm thick. It is quite strong and unyielding. Tool cutters cannot slash through the mesh. A wedge fixes the mesh to an aluminium or steel frame installed behind the door. The wedge avoids a direct connection between the metal mesh and metal frame and hence prevents corrosion issues at the interface.

The frame is available in different colours. You may chose a colour matching the décor of your house. You can also add this to your fly screen.

Wood Screen Door

A wood screen door has a hard wooden frame attached to a mesh. It affords a lesser level of security than the metal screen doors.

Sliding Screen Door

Sliding screen doors allow a moderate level of security. Some sliding doors have a locking system that does not allow a person to open the door from outside without a key. It offers safety for your kids who find it hard to open the door.

In addition to security screen as a protection, you can also install an alarm system. See Alarm monitoring Brisbane

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