What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a strategy of improving the visibility of your business sites on the online market thereby ensuring more traffic and more business. Every time a person enters a specific term in the search box of common search engines such as Google or Yahoo, hundreds of relevant sites are displayed instantly in the result pages. Understandably, the first ten or twenty sites displayed within the first few pages enjoy maximum visibility and traffic. Therefore, your aim should be to figure among these pages i.e. to achieve a high ranking so that your site is displayed among the first ten or twenty sites as a result. This is what SEO helps you to achieve. Through SEO, you can optimize the potential of your business sites so that they enjoy a high visibility and thereby a high ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It is really a mutually beneficial circle wherein the more visibility and traffic you command, the higher your page ranking and vice versa.

How SEO helps your Business Grow

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Join a Social Forum

Joining an online forum related to your area of business is another great way of tapping the huge potential of the vast online market. Forums are the place where everybody related to a particular industry… business owners, vendors, customers or curious onlookers seeking information; meet and communicate with each other. Forums therefore provide a vast network or direct or indirect links to prospective customers that you can leverage for expanding your business. You can create your own profile; participate regularly in debates and discussions; post interesting and informative articles; respond to general queries; upload graphics, and videos and so on by way of meaningful participation in appropriate forums. The more you participate effectively, the more you create awareness about your own company and thereby spread your name on the online market.

Use Google Adwords

Google Adwords is really the latest in online advertising. This facility from Google allows you to sponsor links on search engine page results. This means every time somebody searches for a relevant product or service, the name of your company website props up on the side along with the search engine results. Google Adwords is super quick, highly focused and the results can be measured in real time for evaluating response.