Repairs and Regular Upkeep

As a tenant, it is your right to receive the premises in decent, habitable and safe condition. It is your landlord’s responsibility to carry out regular maintenance and carry out urgent repairs. Such repairs include broken plumbing, faulty electricity connection, storm damage, fire damage, clogged sewer pipes and so on. In case of non-emergency repairs, your landlord must carry out the repairs within a reasonable time.

Regular Inspections

It is in your right to demand a written request for inspection of the rented premises by your landlord. The landlord can enter the premises at a date and time that is convenient to you and after providing you with an advance notice. In general, landlords are permitted to inspect a leased out property once every six month.

However, they cannot do so within three months of a new tenancy. Landlords can visit the premises to inspect its condition, to ensure that it is being used safely, to estimate the property’s value or to show the property to potential tenants or lending companies.

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Increase in Rent

Although the landlord is entitled to raise the rents periodically, you too are entitled to ensure that the raise is fair and in conformity to the prevailing market rates for similar properties. Always contact the relevant tribunals or state authorities in case you feel that the rents have been raised arbitrarily. Such tribunals will decide on a fair raise after considering factors like the current market rate of rental for similar properties, the hike proposed in contrast to the prevailing rent, terms of the tenancy agreement, repairs carried out in the premises, interval since the last rent revision or any other relevant issue.