Negotiation Tips when Buying a Property

One of the biggest and most difficult financial commitments you would make is to buy property. Purchasing property means making a huge investment. Hence it is important to be sure that you are at least getting a fair deal if not a good one. For this you should be able to negotiate the price of the new property through real estate agents.


The first thing to do is to organize your finances. Then assess how much you can invest comfortably. Then fix the budget for purchasing a house with a range of 10% higher or lower.


Go online and find out the type of properties on the market which fall within your budget. Then you can decide what type of house you would like to buy.

Once you have a fair idea of what you are looking for you can contact estate agents and ask them to show you properties which have all or most of the features you are looking for and also fall within your budget.

Then find out all about any property you have liked. You can ask your real estate broker the following questions:

• How long is it since the property has been up for sale?
• Why do they want to sell?
• What is the price they are asking for?
• Are they ready to negotiate?
• Is there some fault in the construction?

About a Few Weeks before Moving to Your Rental Property

It’s time to plan and restrict your grocery shopping from at least a few weeks before your moving day. This will ensure that you consume all perishable food items and there is little wastage of food. Remove carpets, curtains and other furnishings. But before doing all these, it is just right to acknowledge property agents or negotiating a good deal.

Wash and pack them or cover them to protect from dirt and dust. Start packing all those items that are not used regularly.

By the time moving day arrives, you should have almost completed the packing. The rooms and floor should be left clutter-free so that you can easily spot any item that may be left behind. Dont forget to have the water drainage inspected before moving in.

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