Qualities of the Best ID Badges

In the service industry, it is important that your customers can easily identify your staff. This way, they can ask for help from the right person. Thinking of getting ID badges for your employees? Here are some qualities you should look for:

ID Badges

ID badges

Clear Identification

The primary goal of using these pins is for identification. Therefore, you need to make sure that your customers will easily recognise your company. You can do this by using company colours and adding your own logo. However, it is important to have the name of your personnel at the forefront. To balance the layout, use a contrasting colour for the name to facilitate easy reading.

Creatively Designed

Just because these items are primarily used for identification does not mean that these cannot be fashionable. Aside from compliance with uniform guidelines, your employees will want to wear badges that are stylish. This is why you should make sure that you create a creative design bearing your company name and logo, your worker’s name and position.

Firm Attachment Mechanism

These items can be attached to your employees’ clothing using a safety pin or a lapel type mechanism. However, there is always a possibility of your employees losing theirs. This can be difficult because these products are typically made in batches. To prevent this kind of a hassle, you should make sure that the badges you get have secured attachment instruments.


Whilst you are sure that the attachment mechanism is secure, you also need to ensure that the pin itself is sturdy. No matter what condition your people work in, it is important to get ones that are resistant to water, scratches and impact.

Make your service more accessible to your customers by giving your employees ID badges. For a reliable service with fast turnaround times, get in touch with Name Tags and Badges today.