How Much Protein do You Need to Build Muscles

Toning the body in a perfect shape has become a worldwide craze. The trend initially set by the movie actors and famous personalities, has generated a large number of followers over the time. Many men are willing to do anything to get a chiseled body and big muscles. However they should also be aware of the consequences of taking shortcut in this body building race. It is only a protein rich diet and a lot of hard work that will help you to get that dream body.

Need to avoid the misconceptions about protein amount

When you decide to build muscles and a powerful body, you will find a large number of people to give you umpteen numbers of advices on how and what to eat. A popular misconception is that more the amount of protein you eat, the muscular your body will become. However it is not at all true.

Though you do need protein to build your muscles but how much should it be is never told about. A normal person requires about 8g of protein per kg of body weight. For an average man, this sums up to a total of 56 grams per day. For women this amount is 46 grams. This is the amount of protein that will give just enough energy to carry out a day’s task. So in order to build muscles you will be required to consume at least double the above mentioned amount.

It also takes a lot of workout in exersize equipment in order to achieve big muscles.

Calorie consumption

With the increase in the amount of protein supplements, number of calories should also rise. The calorie requirement also increases with the increase in the level of activity of the body.

Protein supplements are necessary if you are doing some strenuous workout using gym equiments like elliptical crosstrainers, weights and others.