Pressure Cleaning Tips and Techniques

Selecting the perfect pressure cleaning equipment is just the start. When you have undergone the training required to run the machine efficiently, all the parts must be conjoined together for maximum utilization. This article avails you with extra tips, advice and tricks to get the most out of your pressure cleaner and equipment. The secrets to a successful pressure cleaning washing are as highlighted as follows:

1. Ensure that the surface to be cleaned is presoaked, misted or fogged with a cleaning chemicals, detergents or a degreaser. This cuts down the washing time and the chemical used.

2. Utilize the services of hot water since it dissolves cleaning chemicals than cold water.

3. Confirm that you have washed away all the detergent on the surface before it dries.

4. Do not use more pressure on cleaning softer materials like wood. This reduces furring of wooden floors. Besides, use detergents that will not react with the wood.

5. Safety is paramount; ensure that at all times that you have put on the perfect protection gear to ensure that you do not get into contact with chemicals as well as accidental exposure to high-speed jets of water.

6. The ratios of diluting various cleaning chemicals largely depend on the approximations of the user. Most mobile washers incur chemical costs of about four percent of the gross sales while labor accounts for 35 to 45 percent and fuel used can be averaged to three percent. If fuel and chemical costs are reduced, the labor costs rise due to an increase in the work time. On the other hand, an increase in the prices of fuel and chemicals reduces labor costs. Work smart and not hard. You should realize that detergents and fuel are less expensive than labor and increase them to reduce work time.

7. Where wax is used, on finer surfaces like cars, apply the wax on the surface and let it be followed by a cold rinse. On harder surfaces like trucks and walls, a cold rinse may not be necessary. Note that the application of wax lengthens the lifespan of the wash job, improves the overall appearance and eases subsequent washing. Due to the extension of the wash job, some commercial may choose not to use wax on your job to generate more business. Be careful on such commercial pressure cleaning providers.

8. In small cars, wax rinse reduces dirt adhesion and shortens the subsequent washing time while, in heavy carriage vehicles, it reduces cement and concrete adhesion.

These are among the few tips you need to know concerning pressure cleaning and a full strip and seal for vinyl surfaces.