4 Mistakes that Will Lead to Clogged Pipes

Every homeowner knows too well the value of having the plumbing system running smoothly. A simple clog in your kitchen or bathroom sink can end up being disastrous. Apart from the unsightly site, you may have to endure bad odors before bringing in a technician to check and resolve the problems. It is possible to avoid such inconveniences by taking better care of your drainage system and avoiding common mistakes that result in blockage.

One common mistake that most people make and end up paying a lot of money for it is not cleaning their drainage system. As a plumbing maintenance practice, it is important for every homeowner to understand the basics of taking care of these systems. Look out for any signs of improper water flow and you will notice that you have not been cleaning your system well. The accumulation of dirt at some point in the drainage system could be causing you problems.

In as much as you need to clean your drainage ensures you standardize the volume of the cleaner you are using, especially if it is from the stores. You surely do not want some of the drainage material corroded leading to a total reconstruction, which is not only inconveniencing but also expensive.


Fortunately, these can resolve by using homemade cleaning solutions. If you cannot purchase expensive cleaning reagents, do not use it as an excuse of neglecting your plumbing system. With common kitchen ingredients like salt, baking soda, cream of tartar and boiling water you will be able to create a powerful cleaning solution to ease the dirt away.

Leaving hoses connected during winter is the other common mistake people make. This classic fixtures error is assumed to be caused by laziness as home owners fail to disconnect hoses. Unlike lights, the damage likely to result from leaving hoses on all year round include freezing of the sill hock or water supply, which translate to higher repair costs.

Most homeowners knowingly or unknowingly screw, nail or cut into walls with hidden pipes. Before starting on any project make sure, you know where the piping system in your house goes through. Ignoring this warning will trigger a serious plumbing disaster and may cause everything in your house to soak because the water will come gushing out when you accidentally burst the pipe open. It will not make sense destroying basic system in your home just to install a few aesthetic pieces.