Changes plastic has made to everyday life

In the past, football pads were not commonly used. This resulted is high injury rates among players. Due to the high number of deaths and critical injuries, the sport faced dangers of being banned. However, when in the early 20th century protective padding was first introduced, it helped curtail the number of calamities by half. While this serves as a great initial example, another involves the use of plastic in making shoulder pads. Leather and foam pads were the common choice in the past but these materials wore out much faster than plastic.

Plastic pads could only be made as a result of plastic fabrication. Plastic fab has resulted in a lower dependency on animal products like ivory and leather. This serves as a great environment benefit too. In today’s times it is common for people to opt for plastic based products for everyday purposes. You can hire Plastic fabrication Sunshine Coast for your needs.

How it all began?

Plastic fab owes its roots to the study and innovations of Alexander Parkes. It was in 1862 that he first introduced mouldable plastic in London. He initially named it Parkesine and developed it from plants.

In the initial years, this product was often considered an expensive alternative to leather and rubber. Eventually, Celluloid was introduced as another form of plastic. This turned into an effective alternative to ivory. Its popularity grew eventually resulting in the material becoming an easily available one.

One of the most important examples and instances of plastic fabrication involve the introduction of Bakelite, another form of plastic. This plastic was made from coal tar and became famous due to its ability to take the form of a container. Since it seemed to hold its own form even under high temperatures, Bakelite was soon heavily used to make clocks, radios and cases of various kinds.

Eventually, more materials were developed and used to make various goods. Some of the various other kinds of plastic included Teflon, polyethylene, polystyrene foam and more.