Signs your Plumber Doesn’t Have the Required Knowledge to Undertake Household Pipework

Plumbing is a very knowledge intensive discipline which requires a good level of understanding of the science behind plumbing system. Unfortunately most homeowners tend to think that they can hire just about anybody to do a plumbing job for them. If an inexperienced or unqualified local guy works on your pipe work then he/she might leave it damaged beyond repair.

Lack of technical qualifications

Plumbing is a highly specialised science that cannot be learned simply by browsing through a few manuals. Neither can it be learned by just watching an experienced plumber work. According to the Australian government a practicing plumber has to be formally trained in a VET or a Vocational training course where each plumber gets rated on his/her competence and knowledge. If the plumber you are considering has not assed from a reputed registered training organisation then you should probably look elsewhere. Check out the internet for a comprehensive list of private and government institutes which offer plumbing degrees and qualifications.

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No insurance

If the plumber doesn’t have insurance do not hire him. In case any damage happens to your property you will have to bear all the expense if there is no insurance. All certified plumbers are required to purchase adequate insurance though the exact legal laws will vary from state to state. A sign of a dishonest plumber is the reluctance in showing the proper insurance papers.

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