How To Treat Back Pain

Many people tend to pass off back pain in the early stages and not pay attention to it. This is where things get worse. As soon as you experience the first signs of back pain it is important to seek medical advice. Find the root cause of your problem so you can get the best suited solution before it’s too late.

Furthermore, when it comes to the matter of back pain, you should always be consistent when it comes to taking medication prescribed by the physiotherapist or performing exercises. This is in order to avoid a relapse in the future.

Wear the right shoes

It is often the case that the wrong shoes lead to back pain. This is especially common among women. Women who constantly dress in high heels experience problems with their knees, legs, backs and feet.

If you start experiencing problems with your back or any other part of your body, try to change your shoes and see if it helps.

The right posture

A bad posture can severely affect your back and eyes too. It can also lead to pain in other parts of the body. If you constantly suffer from physical pain and discomfort in spite of not performing any strenuous activity, you can blame your posture.

Try to seek professional advice from physiotherapist and learn more about the right posture while sitting, standing and walking. It will help prevent back pain in the future.

Cervical movement test

Cervical movement tests are used in order to determine the exact location and nature of pain. Cervical rotation, flexion, extension, side flexion and retraction are the most common movements used in the test. Strength of the related muscles, sensations and reflexes are evaluated in order to reach to the root of the problem. Neck pain often has a neural source.