Simple Things in your Home That Will Attract Pests

Whereas there are pests are not harmful, others can destroy plants, animals, products and humans. Whether it does not have any risk, it can still be annoying when it gets all over a place. There are many pests that can infest your home including mites, flies, fleas, bees, cockroaches, spiders, ants, mosquitoes, moths, and beetles among others.

When a pest infests your home, it’s because they have either found a breeding grounds or a source of food and water. Some pests like bees may accidentally land in your house while looking for a shelter. Many things in our home that can be an attraction to pests. When you identify the causes of pest infestation, it becomes easier to prevent. Seek better advice from pest control.


Flowers and plants

Probably you may be aware that plants and flowers can attract insects and other pests in to your home. There are plants and flowers that repel them, the problem is you may not know which plant repels or attracts pests. You need to continually look at your flowers and plants to see which one are always plagued by insects and lessen their presence to have a better pest control.

Dead wood and wood mulch

The wood can create a very habitable environment for insects, mostly when it is wet. Dead wood also contain cellulose fibres that can be source of food for insects such as termites. Decorative barks that are normally spread around the house are likely to attract pests. Therefore, it is important to ensure the structures that are made of wood are checked regularly for pest infestation if you want pest control. If you are using mulch, ensure that it is dry so as not to become a shelter for insects such as millipedes.


Pets can be great companions, however they can be a prime source of pests. Due to their closeness to us, the pets can easily carry pests that can transfer to us. Pets can carry pests such as fleas that can become a disaster when they infest a human if proper pest control is not done. Your pet’s faeces may attract other pests such as rodents. The food remains from the pests can attract other hungry pests for a meal.


The food we eat can also be a source of rich nutrition to pests. When we spill food on the ground, they can attract an insects and sometimes a whole colony. There are ants that feed on these foods, and before you realize it, a bunch of then has already made shelter around areas where food normally falls. Other pests will climb walls up to where you have stored the food, therefore, it is important to device ways on how to prevent the pests accessing food.


When you do not clean your house or items, they can provide safe harbours for some pests. This is because pest can form shelters in many areas around the house or clothes. It is until you turn the tables and chairs that you notice how much spiders and wasps have multiplied around your home.