Pest Control: Home Made Solutions

Pests? Who like pests in their household? Surely no one, all you want is a safe place for all of your family to comfortably live in, thus pests are not invited. Some may thought of hiring pest control specialists, to ensure that no pest can go near any of their family members or be in anyway present in their household.

This being the case, it is only necessary that you try to perform the following home remedy tips, and if things did not work, then it is time to call pest control specialists.

If you want savings or something cheaper than hiring or getting professional help, then making your own to keep pest controlled can surely be performed at first.

Coffee grounds

You like coffee? Yes you do, but pests, especially ants and bugs do not. They hate it and may cause them fatality. You can do this practice, by easily scattering recycled coffee grounds within areas where you see ants or bugs energe. This is a good pest control that can satisfy you and can control those pests

Hot pepper spray

As easy as bringing to poil 1 gallon of water and 3 tablespoon of those hot pepper flakes can surely give those pests a hard time attacking your plants. All you need is boil them in a pan for around 15 minutes, let it stay for 24 hours before putting them into spray bottle. Spray it to plant and surely no pest can even attack your most loved plants.

Borax and those sugar ant killer

A good pest control mix of half a cup sugar, 2 tablespoon of borax and a cup of warm water. The consistency is almost a paste, all you need is just to place them over to places where you see ants march and in no time, they will all be gone.

Garlic-mint insect spray

You though that garlic is only best for cooking? That you need to think again, garlic is best to be your pest control partner. How to do it? As easy as mixing in a food processor cloves of garlic and mint leaves, add cayenne pepper and few or a drop of dish washing liquid. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it settle overnight, and the next morning, you surely have a good pest control perfect to spray on your plants. All you will be left out is a healthy plant growth.