Why do Clients Today Prefer Hiring Lawyers on a No Win no Pay Basis

No win no pay lawyers are somebody who will claim his/her legal fee only in the event of winning the case. The no win no pay system has set new standards in legal services by giving back some of the onus of power to the clients. The government too supports this system because it empowers people who have limited financial resources to look for legal counsel.

The origin of no win no pay system

Payment of huge amount of money for legal aid was becoming a major issue for the Australian government. In a major wave of reforms in 1995 compensation claims legal aid was stopped by the government. This was when the no win no pay system gained prominence. The Australian legal system is very similar to the UK legal system so the no win no pay system quickly gained prominence here. Some civil compensation cases occur frequently in Australia which is why the country spends 1.1% of its GDP n civil claim resolution.

Clients today realise that hiring a no win no pay lawyer Toowoomba who practices this system gives them financial leverage. They don’t have to make upfront payment to the lawyer and this allows them to save their resources.

A lawyer for every pocket

Thousands of people were forced to go without legal counsel because of the non availability of funds in the past. No win no pay lawyers have enabled people with limited resources to seek the services of intelligent lawyers who can sort out their problems.

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