What is Muscle Imbalance?

If you have been working quite a lot on your computer, then you must have felt the pain in your neck and back. If it is just for a while then you stretch yourself but in case if the pain doesn’t go and it hurt your muscles, may be it has become so stiff, then you should know; there is muscle imbalance in your body. And the solution is to get physiotherapy done.

What is physiotherapy?

It is a kind of therapy that is done to our body by the professionals known as physiotherapist. Physiotherapy exercises and massages our body muscles to loosen up the stiffness so as to relieve the body from muscle imbalance and bring back the muscle balance.

What is muscle balance?

It is the balance that is maintained between the muscles around the joints in regards to its length and strength. Any form of disproportion might lead to muscle imbalance such as stiffness of muscle due to increased tightness and a decrease in tightness will increase the motion and instability of the joints. Due to excessive exercise if the muscle strength increases then there might be issues with the internal joints, whereas weak muscles will have poor joint control.

What are the other causes of muscle imbalance?

Muscle imbalance also occurs between the larger muscles that control the movements of the joints and the smaller muscles that lie underneath and control the stability of the larger muscles. Such imbalance is found especially amongst the gym goers who mostly focus on the growth of the larger muscles.

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