How to Make Small Function Rooms Work for You

Today, many people appreciate intimate gatherings. Because of this, most individuals prefer to hire small function rooms where they can easily interact with each other. If you are looking to hire a reception of this size, you may want to design it in a modern yet classic way. Here are some creative ideas that can make this room appear larger than ever:

Function Rooms

Determine What You Need

Before anything else, you need to determine what you need. This way, you won’t have to crowd the space with unnecessary things. How many people would be attending? Are there food set-ups you need to factor in? Would there be a DJ and a bar? In this planning stage, make sure that you only utilise those that are useful, so you won’t waste any precious space.

Choose Tasteful Decorations

To help streamline and modernise your space, opt for tasteful decorations. Go for sleek and tall chairs so they don’t block your space. Likewise, try to use oval or even square-shaped tables. This way, you can lessen the area you’re going to take up. Consider going for a neutral and light-coloured palette, thereby expanding your place visually.

See-through furniture such as glass tables and Lucite chairs are perfect for tricking the eye into thinking there’s more space. So, if you want to create a visual feast, don’t hesitate to add these pieces of furniture.

Add Mirrors

One of the oldest tricks in interior designing is to add mirrors. These can help open up space and make your function room appear larger. The reflection helps in making the room bigger than what it really is.

Bring in More Light

Bring in as much light as you can as these can make your place seem fresh and clean. However, rather than installing overhead fixtures, why not add several small lighting elements? Instead of drawing the eye to a single spot, these can lighten up the whole room in an instant.

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