What You Need to Know About HVRAS Certificate

Do you transport goods from one location to another? Before you do this activity, make sure to get Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme or HVRAS, to comply with road safety. The Australian government mandates all heavy vehicle owners to apply for an accreditation to prevent road accidents.

We cannot deny that there are trailer trucks which get involved in accidents because it carries extremely heavy goods that are already above its limitation. With this, the government needs to ensure that all truck owners get an HVRAS certificate to use the vehicle on highways.

Heavy trucks need to comply with the following:

Dimension limitations: Find out the weight limitation of the vehicle to avoid improper loading of goods and overweight.
Safe Tyre Limits: When the vehicle carries massive goods, tyres can get damaged. Better check the tread depth to safely drive the trailer. The minimum tread depth allowed by Australian Government is 1.5mm. If it reaches 3.00mm, consider replacing the tyre.
Display identifiers: Modification plates, Engine number as well as TARE weight limit must be visible on the truck. This makes it easier for the authorities to check massive trucks along the highways.

To make sure that you’ll pass the government accreditation, you can seek help from mobile inspectors. This initial assessment helps you figure out what needs to be replaced to get the HVRAS certificate.

If the trailer is unregistered for more than 90 days, better consult the experts for help. There are companies who can provide intensive inspection for the price of one.

Consider these services with the approval of the authorities easily. Following the rules and regulations also help your business. If something happens on the road because of your shortcoming as the owner, you can be sued.

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