Growing Hosta Plant

This is a popular plant grown specifically for its beautiful and attractive foliage. You do not need to be a plant expert in order to become successful in growing this plant species. If you want to buy this plant, you can order online and the plants will be delivered at your place. The reason for the popularity of hosta is mainly because of the many available foliage colors that it has, and even the texture of the leaves vary. The leaves come in different shapes, sizes, and color. Some foliage presents itself in a solid color while some in combination of blue, gold, white, and green. The hosta plant has its roots in Asia, specifically in Japan and Korea, and then gained its popularity in Europe and in the US.

Hosta shape and size

This plant species reach its maturity from seeds within four to eight years and the size is dependent on the cultivars. The cultivars are referred to the plant’s cultivated varieties or hybrid. The cultivars or hybrids are developed in order to produce better quality of foliage, pest-resistant, among others. This is done in order to improve the features or characteristics of the hosta and to come up with different variations. For instance, some hybrids such as the baby bunting can only grow a maximum of few inches in diameter while other hybrid can reach up to 8 feet.

Some of the hybrids of this plant species is called rhizomatous or they propagate through underground rhizomes.

Hosta leaf color

Some of the hybrid or cultivars of this plant species present themselves in solid colors such as blue, yellow, green, and gold. The blue leaf is actually green in color but the waxy substance that coats the leaf makes it appear color blue. Some of the hybrids change the color of the foliage through the passing or changing of seasons.

Hosta flower

All hybrids or cultivars bloom at summer time that is colored white to lavender. Some hybrids may have larger blooms as compared to some.

Policies in ordering hosta online

The plants will be delivered ten days after you have made your payment online. It is worth noting that deliveries are not done during weekends to prevent the plants from getting damaged due to the weekend break. The plants come directly from the nurseries and the goal is to reach you at the shortest time possible to prevent drying and deterioration.