Fiji’s Main Island

Fiji is a diversified place for holidays and provides a broad selection for accommodations, adventures, and attractions. The place is best visited during Fiji holidays. Fiji holidays is considered to be the peak season of the islands where a lot of tourists come and visit. Furthermore, it can be hard for you to decide where to truly stay and so you must first get to know the main island of Fiji and see which one fits your vacation needs.

Viti Levu is the primary island of Fiji and it has cities in it. Below are the cities or places in Viti Levu.

• Suva – is the capital and biggest city in Fiji and it is situated on the island of Viti Levu specifically in the southeast coast. Considered to be the most known activities in the city of Suva are basically free samples of fresh Fijian products in local stores, sight viewing and shopping. Suva has several colonial buildings that traces at the city during the British Empire.

• Nadi – is known as Fiji’s gateway. It is situated in the northwest part of Viti Levu and is considered as the center of tourism. It possesses the beauty of natural landscapes and various modern establishments such as shopping stores, restaurants and day tours.

• Denarau – is considered to be the most known Fiji holidays destination. It is basically just twenty minutes travel from the south of Nadi and is as well known for its various adventures and interesting sights. Denarau is also known as the world’s most great golf sites as the place has rambling water ways and great gardens.

• Pacific Harbor – is situated in the western part of Suva and can be travelled in just forty minutes. It has untouched tracts of coastlines which is also known as the main adventure site of the island. It also possesses a plethora of land and water adventures and interesting sites such as golf courses, fishing adventures and scuba diving.

• Coral Coast – located in the southern part of Viti Levu’s shores is the dazzling holiday destinations that offers the earth’s second biggest single reef. The place is known for its excellent plethora of water adventures, rich traditions, natural parks, village trips and historical attractions.

• North Coast – located far up north of Viti Levu stretching down to Suva, North Coast is basically encompassed by the natural and magnificent surroundings. This place is actually a scenic destination essentially untouched by commercial projects and brags one of the greatest diving site in the island of Fiji.

There are actually other islands aside from Viti Levu and it also has its own various nice sites and adventures. You can research more about the other islands of Fiji over the internet or you can ask a travel guides to help you. It is basically a very great idea to spend your vacation during Fiji holidays and you would definitely enjoy and at the same time relax your mind and soul. So, what are you waiting for? Go and plan with your family, friends or colleagues now for your Fiji holiday.

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