What You Need to Ask When Hiring a Home Builder

Home renovation is not an easy task and costly too. For this reason, you should never employe an inexperienced builder. How will you do this? You need to do a research and throw the right questions to them before hiring them.

What about home indemnity insurance?

Home indemnity insurance will give you a blanket of security in case a financial loss occurs when the builder is working on your dream home project. In case the builder loses his license, dies or becomes bankrupt this insurance cover will protect you from the resultant financial loss. Ask the potential builder to issue a certificate of currency pertaining to home indemnity insurance cover before you actually hire him. Insurance is a necessity if you want to protect your interests.

Are there instances of insolvency in your past?

Your builders must have adequate financial strength to procure labor and materials necessary for the job. Not having resources equals to not being able o finish your home project satisfactorily. If your builder has been declared bankrupt in the past then it’s a warning sign for you. The builder may go bankrupt again leaving you with a half finished home and a list of problems. Never hire a builder who isn’t financially secure.

What’s your past project portfolio?

This one doesn’t even need a proper explanation. It’s essential to review the previous projects that have happened n the builders past in order to gauge his efficiency and affectivity. If possible go and visit sites where the builder has worked on and speak to ex clients. It’s important to get to know the quality of work done by the builder you are planning to hire them to take care of your dream home project.

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