All about Tiger Hiking Leaping Gorge

Tiger hiking leaping gorge is situated in the City of Lijang which is known to be one of their beautiful spots in the area. It is indeed a majestic attraction wherein tourists will always visit the place for hiking adventure. Basically, this is their highlights and a must-see attraction in that place.

It is known as the deepest gorge worldwide with an area of about 62 miles. When you are on top, you will definitely see the whole area of China because it has a steep location which angled approximately 90 degrees. And with that, you will have a great view of the rivers having a lot of rapids with 200 meters depth each river.

Hiking has three main sections. The first one is the narrowest of all sections. And on the middle section of the gorge, is the area where water from the rivers slam sharply on the edges and corners of the area. As the water passes by the large rock formation, it forms a lot of swirling motions and whirlpools can be clearly seen because of the harsh rapids formed in that area.

The cliffs that surround the gorge are steeper and really very dangerous too. This time, the rapids of the river are more harsh which enables the water to twist more and create a lot of turns which create great waves while having frothy type spew as it get in contact with the sides of the mountain. Basically, these great sceneries make the adventure really fun and one of a kind while giving you the best satisfaction that your trip to this place is worth it.

There is actually an area of the gorge where you can stop and have a little adventure too. You can do some rafting fun with your friends or whoever are your companions during the trip. There is a large section in which the river is quiet and has not so rough rapids where you can really enjoy having a rafting fun.

In conclusion, if you are fond of taking pictures or might as well be a professional photographer, this place is really a perfect place where you can take lots of photographs with. You have a lot of options for your subjects like the formation of stones, the rivers, the water itself, the animals you see in the place, the trees that are within the area, the tourists perhaps, and the beauty of the gorge as a whole. Capturing the whole scenario can definitely be a great masterpiece a photographer can make.