Saving Money Using Heat Reflective Roof Paints

Heat reflective coatings can eliminate or minimise the use of air conditioning, they help to keep your building interiors cool during the warm scorching summer afternoons, they last for a long time and are durable and cost effective. You can consult Commercial Painters Melbourne for roof painting suggestions.

Heat reflective roof coatings will reduce your HVAC energy consumption.

So you will be able to save hundreds and thousands of dollars in terms of utility expenses over the years. Heat reflective coatings can also minimise the maintenance expenses for your building.

Heat reflective roof paints can be used on almost any kind of surface and substrate, so you don’t need to invest in a special kind of roofing material to lower your energy bills. On top of that heat reflective paint is elastomeric and adheres excellently to a surface, reduces structural movement and is easy to apply on your roofing material.

Best of all, heat reflective roof paints which are also eco-friendly, offer unmatched insulation against solar radiation – the main cause of a building interior warming up in the torrid summer months, especially at noon and afterwards. Contact the commercial painter Perth now!

Cost Effective and Economical

To cut a long story short, heat reflective roof paints effectively minimise expenditure by improving the life expectancy of your building’s structure and by lowering energy consumption significantly, especially during the sweltering summer months. 61 percent of those who have used heat reflective coatings on their roof and walls have admitted to tangible savings on AC usage. The cost effectiveness is increased by the reported savings on structural repair, energy and labour.

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