Why You Should Not Fit a New Splashback Over the Existing Platform or Tiles

Replacing the existing tiles with a glass splashback is a good option when the tiles have become loose or you would like to give a different look to your home kitchen, bathroom or any other area. Though some may not want to do so, it is worth doing it many a times. A few points can make you understand better, the reasons why existing material should be removed from its surface to get a new surface.

Moulds or grout

Tiles which are not taken care of well and which soak in water and moisture through the small gaps tend to develop moulds and grouts eventually. Cleaning these can be a hard task and may consume quite a few days, even when done by professionals. Also the room tends to look dull and the value of your home goes down when such moulds are formed. To keep away from these moulds and grouts, glass splashbacks can be replaced after digging out the tiles, which makes the cleaning process easy while making the room appear bright as it reflects natural light. Thus it is a very attractive option for many.

Uneven surface

Splashbacks tend to get loose and leave gaps when they are fixed on uneven surfaces or tiles. They may also not fit appropriately due to the bad quality of the foundation which has beared the tiles over years together. So it is always recommended to fix these after taking out the tiles and levelling the surface completely. This also ensures good stability and rigidness in the long run as the foundation can also be hardened and checked before replacing the tiles.


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