Responsibilities of Employers towards Forklift Drivers

If your company uses Forklifts technology often, it isn’t enough to just hand over the equipment to the operators and drivers. As a business owner, you have to ensure the safety, expertise and technical abilities of your staff before asking them to handle heavy equipment that is potentially dangerous if not managed correctly.

Furthermore, ample focus should be put on training and hiring well qualified or experienced staff. In order to know more about the roles and responsibilities of employers towards forklift drivers, read on below.

Focus on training

Even if you hire people who are experienced and qualified, as a responsible employer you have to ensure that they actually are what they claim to be on paper. It is always beneficial to have your new staff undergo specific training programmes so they can be taught the basics again. This will reduce the chance of accidents and improper handling of machinery too.

Conduct regular refresher courses

It is important for you as a business owner to conduct regular refresher courses every few months. During these courses, forklift operators can be taught about the new technologies involving forklift machinery.

These courses will additionally also help maintain the operator’s interest in new technology and machinery and their general work. Furthermore, regular refresher courses will increase their confidence and knowledge over a period of time.

Check licenses
If new operators or an outsourced company are conducting forklift work on your work premises, it is your responsibility to ensure that they have valid licenses in place.

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