Enjoying Food Through Fiji Family Holidays

When you hear the words kokova, taro, and lovo, you could associate it with Fiji because they are the popular and unique delicacies served in the place. Kokoya is a unique delicacy made of raw walu fish mixed with coconut milk and spices. This dish will help you appreciate how tasty fresh fish is. Lovo on the other hand, is a unique method of cooking raw meat, chicken and fish underground. This method is usually use whenever there are special occasions and festivities in Fiji. Taro comes with these meals because they are considered as staple food for the people in substitute of bread or rice.

This unique food and delicacies with the fresh fruits, vegetables and root crops in Fiji could be a good reason for Fiji family holidays. Your family could experience eating these food items bringing in them a unique experience in how to live in the Pacific island.

Family Holidays

Having a family vacation is one of the ways wherein each member of the family can interact and communicate with each other better than in the home. The usual attitude of kids in the house is to fight and quarrel with each other and give offensive remarks to hurt feelings. It will come to a point wherein too much sibling rivalry will result in negative consequences that the envy and hate will last even until adulthood. So the best way to prevent this and to stay out of quarrel is to have Fiji family holidays.

Food is not only the main focus on this weekend getaway. The family could have a great time in visiting unique places that maintain the natural beauty of the earth during the old times. You could see plants and trees all around and white sand beaches abundant in the area.

You will also meet good people becoming your friends and acquaintances that are very friendly to strangers. You can be comfortable enough like you are in your hometown because Fiji people are very hospitable and polite to visitors. In fact, it is part of their culture that whenever a visitor is invited in their home for dining, no one will eat until that visitor eats. This attitude shows the high respect and regards for visitors. This is a contrast of people from other culture that do not mind strangers at all.

Having Fiji family holidays is worth a try. When there is an opportunity to do so and the finances allow, the best Fiji resorts is one of the place that is good for family visit.