How to Enhance Your Office Ergonomics

Optimum levels of light should be maintained in the office at all times. The light from a computer screen is not enough when you are reading official papers especially after dusk. If ergonomic consulting services feel that there is too much glare in your office then they will advise applying window shades, overhead lights and zero glare filters for computers.

Your computers screen must be adjusted to a comfortable level at all times. The quality of air you breathe in office will have a direct impact on your productivity and health. Ensure that the air is kept dust free and there is no dirt clouding your computer screen. Portable air cleaners are a highly recommended accessory for any office.

There is bound to be a certain amount of ambient noise in the office. Ergonomic consultingadvises using partitions of fabric to reduce the occurrence of noise to a certain extent. You can also consider using good quality ear plugs, instrumental music or a quietly functioning table fan to reduce noise levels.
A comfortable organisational environment and working style

Reputed ergonomic consulting services say that stress levels should be kept at a minimum for employees to actively concentrate on their work. As an employee you can manage your stress by planning your workday well in advance and dividing your workload into achievable small goals. You can also fend off stress by practicing deep breathing exercises and engaging in light banter with your colleagues.

You really need to have appropriate combinations of light and air for your office.