Types of Tests for Drug Driving

Driving is a motor skill which requires high concentration levels and good hand to eye coordination. Any kind of substance which affects the concentration or the alertness of the mind should be avoided before driving. This includes the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Very often a person who is under the influence of drugs will not even realise how much his driving has been affected. It’s a punishable offence to consume drugs and then drive as then you are a threat to public safety.

What happens if the police catch you while drug driving?

If you are caught driving under the influence of drugs then you can have drug charges. The latter is a more serious offence but drug driving in any form can land you with a heavy fine to a sentence in prison.

Even if you take a mild dose of drug don’t think that you can escape the strict scrutiny of drug testing as the government has introduced a battery of tests to detect the presence of drugs in the saliva and blood stream.

Drug testing by SIA

Standard impairment test is a method widely used by the police to check drivers who are suspects of drug driving. Any time the drug impairment is more than or equal to 0.05 units. The SIA consists of interview and observation followed by physical impairment test. The next in line is walk and turn test and the final round is the standing on one leg test.