How To Prevent Blocked Drains

Blocked drains prove to be not only a big time inconvenience, but they are also time consuming and expensive, especially once allowed to be tackled by professional plumbers. Not to mention the foul odor that it gives out, which gives unpleasant feeling and is surely bad to your health and also your family. These are the times when you can really say that prevention is better than cure. Blocked drains can easily be prevented. Here are some of the tips on how to avoid clogged drains.

1) Always clean your drains. You might be under the impression that drains don’t need cleaning. However just like the number one thing you do in maintaining other things, your drains also need this. You don’t need to clean the drains that often – once a month would do. Hair loss due to shampooing and shaving happen every day, and as we all know, hair build up is one of the major causes of blocked drains.

2) Place mesh screens on your drains. This is most especially essential in the kitchen and shower drains, because mesh screens catch the food particles, hair and other muck. Believe it or not, placing mesh screens on your drains is the easiest step into avoiding clogged drains.

3) Do not pour grease and oily substances into your kitchen sink drain. Greasy and oily substances are most common in the kitchen sinks, as they are being used in food. These substances are also considered one of the many reasons while your drains are blocked as they stay in the insides of the pipes gradually causing build up and clogs. Avoid pouring them down the drain – instead, put oils and grease in a tin can before disposing it properly in the trash can.

4) Do not regard your drains as the garbage can. It has been a phenomenal practice these days for most people to throw soiled nappies, sanitary napkins, used baby wipes and other trash down the toilet – which is very wrong. As you might be aware of, the drains in your home are not meant to put up with these kinds of garbage. You might want to put a waste bin inside your bathroom so that these things can be disposed properly.

It is too easy to maintain your drains at home clog-free. All you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned above, to avoid the nightmare brought about by a blocked drain. If you have a blocked drain in Sydney and need it tended to quickly, contact the team at Civic!