Doctors Who Make a Difference

Those in the medical profession have a strong capacity to reach out to the less-privileged members of the society. Doctors can help those who are in need for a medical attention but do not have enough resources. Fortunately, the world is not as apathetic as some thought it to be, there are those in the medical field who devote their time and resources into making other people’s lives comfortable. They offer services that the less-privileged members of the society cannot afford. They have formed a group called Multidisciplinary Care Team or MDCT.

Services of MDCT

The Multidisciplinary Care Team consists of doctors, dentists, nurses, and therapists and work together towards a holistic approach to healing their less-privileged patients. They do not just evaluate the physical condition and give the corresponding treatment, but they go beyond that. They conduct seminars and give-out reading materials so the less-privileged members of the society can educate themselves about the various common medical and dental problems and learn the many ways on how to avoid these diseases.

1) Medical services- doctors assess the current medical condition of the patient and give the appropriate treatment. If surgery is needed, they have surgeons who can perform the operation for a minimum fee or in some instances, for free.

2) Dental services- the team also provides dental mission and do tooth extraction, filling, among others.

3) Family therapies- those who need an intervention for alcohol and drug abuse can also take advantage because the team of doctors includes those in the field of counseling. Families are also included in the therapy session as support groups.

4) Disabled/Senior citizens- part of the holistic approach program is the care for those who are elderly and disabled. As much as possible, the team of doctors prefers that they stay at their own homes for their comfort. They provide assistance in terms of maintaining their household, providing medicines, provide transportation, especially in cases when there is a need to go to a hospital, and social support. The goal is to make them live a life as comfortable as possible in their own abode with the help of Bundaberg doctors

5) Abused women- those who are victims of domestic violence can find help from MDCT. They can assist them to find a safe shelter and provide them with legal and psychological counseling. Another help they extend is helping these women find a job so they become financially independent and empowered members of the society.

MDCT is a non-government organization and they receive financial support from people coming not just from the medical profession, but from those who have big hearts for the less-privileged members of the socity.