A Few Professional Tips on Digital Do’s and Don’ts

Digital printing is an advanced sign of modern technology, which has opened wide options of new profession among people. Its manufacturers keep looking for revolutionary ways of introducing changes into the equipment. Continue reading for the professional tips about the digital printing.


Do’s recommended by professionals for digital printing are as follows.

Colour Setting

The settings required for colour and black and white images vary to a great extent. Whereas colour images are required to be set as CYMK with 100% size, black and white images require be set as greyscale or scan colour with 100% size.

Make black and white landscape around the image for getting better quality of print. At the same time, you need to amend the quality of photos having high resolution, because they consume enormous time in printing.

Font Inclusion

Include all the fonts such as Times, Palatino, Symbol, Zapf Dingbats, Helvetica etc. At the same time, if the EPS graphics has used any of the fonts, it’s vital for you to include the same font at the time of digital printing.


Don’ts recommended by digital printers in Sydney for digital printing are as follows.

Avoid Zoom

In the program for page layout, avoid enlarging the scanned picture. This will spoil the quality of the pictures. For making the outline of an illustrated program, never use body copy or small type. Should you use these feature, they might increase the size of your picture, make your text look cheap, and also make your document look sceptical.