Causes of Common Dental Problems

When symptoms like bad breath, bleeding gums and loosening of teeth occur, they point towards gum disease. Visit your dentist to take care of the problem swiftly, and do the required things to get the disease under control.

Tooth sensitivity

Two known reasons are responsible for tooth sensitivity. It may be because the gums have eroded due to consumption of unhealthy food and drink, or you could have brushed too hard, and unconsciously sanded out the gums to expose the root of the tooth. The dentist tells his patients to use a soft toothbrush that designed to go easy on the teeth, while giving it a good scrubbing.

Teeth yellowing

There is a link between the consumption of foods and beverages, and the color of the teeth. Sodas, red wine, coffee and unhealthy snacks are often the culprit of yellowing teeth. However, your teeth might just be naturally yellow. You can visit your dentist for a teeth cleaning, or a prescription for teeth whitening. You can even try his recommendation for laser whitening treatment or over-the-counter measures like whitening strips or whitening liquids.

Tooth cavities

The bacteria absorb the sugar and starch from food and beverages, and then secrete an acid waste that dissolves the tooth enamel. Worst, the bacteria continue to live in the spaces between the teeth, which are difficult to brush away with a toothbrush or flossing. Visit emergency dentist Gold Coast to have him fill the cavities with fillings, crowns -as sometimes in extreme cases, a root canal.

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