Guide to Demolishing a Building for New Construction

In order for real estate builders to construct newer and better buildings and complexes, it is often necessary to demolish existing structures or ones that are weak due to wear and tear. Building mainternance is no longer necessary. Professional demolition services can be hired for the task. However, before you ask them to demolish a structure, it helps to understand a few basic points about demolition.

Local applications and documents

As a builder it is important to ensure that all the paperwork is in place before the demolition is scheduled. In most cases the demolition services will undertake the responsibility of getting the local applications made.

Make sure you check the papers for the proper seals and stamps before you proceed with the demolition.

Owners consent

Even if you have bought property from someone and intend building something new in its place, if you are thinking of demolishing it, you should have the owner’s consent. In most cases, the owner’s consent for eventual or probable demolition is given at the time of the sale of property. See Asbestos removal Blacktown

This consent will be required when you make the applications to local authorities to undertake any demolition projects.

Disconnecting essential services

Before you proceed with the demolition, it is important to make sure that the local power supply, water supply, etc are contacted. The services need to be disconnected to ensure safe demolition.

The local sewer and drainage authorities, gas authorities, etc. should also be informed about the demolition in advance in case they need to disconnect or discontinue any pipes or services.

Know about proper waste management for your demolition activities.