Helpful Effects of Creatine Powders in Body Building

Production of cellular energy and rebuilding of muscles is not possible without ATP. Creatine is therefore an integral part of the regular diet of all bodybuilders who want to gain more lean muscle, increase their muscular strength and improve their exercise performance. Weight loss machines will also be helpful.

How does Creatine help Bodybuilders

Extensive medical research on oral creatine powders has conclusively established their safety and efficacy in improving an aerobic performance and resistance exercise. Adding about five to twenty grams of creatine to your regular diet is absolutely safe yet extremely effective in improving physiological functioning and maximal force generation.

A rigid schedule of regular intake of body builder supplements in phases is recommended for maximum impact. The initial or loading phase lasts for fifteen days during which time you must add about 20 – 25gms of creatine supplement to your regular diet.

Next is the maintenance phase which lasts for as long as you want. During this phase, you must regularly add about 2 – 5gms of the supplement to your diet to sustain the muscles mass and energy generation gained during the initial phase. Creatine supplements are best absorbed in the body when taken along with a high-carbohydrate drink like fruit juice.

Why should Bodybuilders take Creatine Supplements

Taking creatine powders or supplements increases your body’s creatine supplies by ten to forty percent. This enhanced supply is extremely effective in increasing fat-free muscle mass, improving muscular stamina and increasing strenuous physical performance like exercising.

If you’re a potential user, bear in mind that doctors do not recommend the form of the supplement on the basis of its performance.

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