Dry Stack Rock Retaining Walls

Although the term retaining walls often refers to a wall that has a function. The function of holding back soil which is built out of necessity. Not all retaining wall of for functional purposes and there are those that are built simply as decorative additions.

Dry stack rock retaining walls will allow you to add another dimension to your garden, they are a wonderful addition to flowerbeds or as small landscape projects. These are the kinds of walls that you really can build yourself.

Firstly you need to plan your project properly. Decide on length and height and location. Dry stack rock retaining walls are usually built against a slope so that it can be used as a tool to prevent soil erosion ruining your beautifully cared for garden.

Select your stones. Provide the supplier with the wall dimensions so that they can offer you the adequate size stones and the correct quantity. You can either use round field stones, flat stacking stones or uniformly cut dressed stones. Each of these stones will offer a different texture and effect but it should be noted that flatter stones are easier to work with.

Layout and mark out the position of you dry stack rock retaining walls.

Dig out a ditch that is the length of the wall. The ditch should be about 25 cim below ground. The ditch will act as the footing which will prevent the rock from sliding and moving. Level out the foundation ditch and line it with fine gravel and stone.

Place the larger rocks in the ditch. The flat side should be facing forward and they should be placed at a slanted angle. Back fill sand behind the rocks to support them. Do this for the entire length of the wall. Each rock should lie next the other and they must be touching. Back fill along the length of the wall and tap the earth lightly to compact it. Look for any irregular gaps between the rocks and rearrange to fix the gaps.

Build your wall upwards in layers. Place rocks on top of rocks being careful to fill any gaps. If you need to, add water to help the ground settle. Top the rock wall off with smaller rocks which will just give that completed finish.

A really easy project for the DIY enthusiast who loves gardening and the outdoors. Add this beautiful feature to your garden and make your gorgeous flower beds a focal point for all to look in awe at. Beautifully, hand crafted rock retaining walls.