Rules and Regulations Regarding Temperature and Humidity in Offices

If you have recently installed a new commercial air conditioning system in your office you will have to find ways to regulate the temperature to suit your purposes. It is very common for employees to complain about different temperature levels within the same premises. Sometimes, this could be a result of a technical or hardware problem while in most cases it is due to the settings itself.

In order to make sure that a uniform and comfortable temperature is constant throughout the office, learn more about controlling the temperature and humidity through seeking the help of Commercial air conditioning Brisbane.

Normal settings for centralized air conditioners is at 21 or 22 degrees

The average and most common temperature setting for centralized air conditioners is 21 or 22 degrees in most cases. Almost every professional technician will tell you to set your air conditioner at or between those degrees.

Anything higher can lead to extreme cooling while anything lower can result in difference in internal temperatures or even too much warming of office spaces. One way to lower the temperature in your office is to use a heat reflective paint for you roof. This has been proven to maintain a lower temperature inside a house or commercial buildings.

Regulate the settings as per the temperature outside

While the aim of an internal AC is to provide a uniform temperature for the staff, when you set it you have to consider the external temperature too. If it is cold outside or if the weather is dry you will have to accordingly reduce the temperature indoors as well as the humidity.

Air con installations service ensure comfortable and uniform temperatures within the office. These tips and settings should ensure uniform air throughout the office at all times.

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