Confessions From A Hotel Cleaner

If there is someone you should run to in case you need some tips in keeping a well-organised and maintained room, try heeding to the secrets and tips from those with expertise in housekeeping: Hotel cleaners! There are several tricks a housekeeper uses as a guide to keep a hotel room clean and neat for visitors. Some of which you can use to keep yours just like the ones you see at the hotels. They can hasten the pace of the maintaining process but yet efficient.

First on the list from a hotel cleaner is that they (1) they pick the clutter first, removing the clutter first allow her to start on a blank slate. Empty the litter bins, remove the towels and linens, and whatever else left behind. In the bathroom, clear the towels, bottles, bathmats, everything on the counter or toilet tank. This enables you to wipe everything on the surface instead of just wiping around them. (2) They choose microfiber cloth which is efficient for dusting than just the plain cloth. But you can always resort to a rag if you don’t have any, something that is 100% cotton, like an old pillow case or T-shirt and soak it slightly. Avoid terrycloth towels or polyester cause they create more dust. (3) They vacuum before they mop, always free the floors from debris, unless you want to mop with strands of wet hair on your floor which is difficult to remove. After vacuuming, start mopping from the far corner and make your way to the door. (4) Hotel cleaners know the trick to a quickly made bed is in the tag, it is difficult and time consuming to fit a sheet on a bed that is larger than a twin size bed, much more if you keep ending on putting the long end on the short end of the mattress. The secret, tags always go on the bottom, in king sheets, the tags are located on the left while the queen sheets are on the right. Marking the inside seams is also suggested to denote left or right corners. (5) They clean the bathroom last, it is best to start in the bedroom to reduce the transfer of bacteria. (6) They whack the drapes in between deep cleanings; the best way to dust drapes is to whack it with a hand towel and so to avoid dust particles to continue circulating about the room overtime. Whack out all the dust onto the floor and then vacuum it.

Therefore start making your cleaning strategy and get into a routine. By employing these tricks and tips from hotel cleaners Adelaide, you’ll be through with your cleaning for the day.