The Carpet Cleaner’s checklist: Cleaning Chemicals

Every carpet cleaner is never seen without the necessary equipment that he needs to perform a carpet cleaning service. This means that he has everything from the carpet cleaning machine, carpet cleaning solution that is dependent on the carpet cleaning method used by the company, the vacuum and of course, the complete set of carpet cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are sprayed on before or after the carpet cleaning process to ensure ease of the carpet cleaning process as well as to maximize the protection given to the carpet. Here are three chemicals used by a carpet cleaner during a carpet cleaning service.

Carpet protectants

A carpet protectant is a chemical used by a carpet cleaner after the carpet cleaning service has already been finished and the carpet is already dry. Carpet protecting solutions have a very special job and that is to keep the carpets protected from stains and dirt after the carpet cleaning process has been done. This special solution will however, disappear in a few months and must be diligently reapplied by the client or his staff should the carpets be used in a commercial setting, in order to keep the carpets well maintained.


Another carpet cleaning chemical that a carpet cleaner uses is a deodorizer. A deodorizer eliminates the foul odor that a carpet has attained for one reason or another and there are certain deodorizers that are set for a specific odor only such as pet urine which may be a stronger chemical than the usual. The deodorizer is used during the carpet cleaning process. Depending on how much area the odor covers, the carpet cleaner may concentrate on a specific area where it is the strongest and will work from there otherwise will apply it all over the carpet if the whole carpet is emanating the odor.

Stain removers

A stain remover is another chemical that a carpet cleaner applies during the carpet cleaning process. A stain remover is something that carpet cleaners are quite careful to apply. In fact, a colorfast test is performed during the carpet cleaning preparation stage to make sure that the carpet’s color will not bleed otherwise damage is sure to follow. If the colorfast test proves to be fine, the stain remover is applied on the area of the carpet where it is stained and once the chemical has already achieved its purpose, Sydney carpet steam cleaning can then proceed to giving the carpet a good cleaning session.