Some Tricks to Clean Tough Stains on Carpet

Although you try hard to keep your carpets clean, at times you will have to resort to carpet cleaning services to remove tough stains. Here are some tricks of the trade that are used by professional carpet cleaning services.

Food stains

If you have kids at home, in no time you see candy or jelly or sugar gum stains on your carpet. It is also true that you cannot clean such stains as quickly as they spoil your carpet. But there is a good hack to clean it up even if it’s dried up. You would not need to call up carpet cleaning services.

Use a butter knife or spotter brush to scrape it out. Your main aim is to remove the sugar content on the carpet. Use a sprayer to sprinkle the mild soap solution on the stain. Blot the stain with a cloth.

Another common stain on the carpet is the chewing gum glob. The best way to remove it is to freeze the gum using ice cube. Lift the frozen gum using a spoon. Cut a very thin strand of the carpet to completely remove the sticky mess. Make sure the cut is so minor that it goes unnoticed.

For any other tough food stains, try shaving cream. Allow the shaving cream to set on the carpet for about 30 minutes. Blot it with a dry cloth. Spray a solution made up of equal amounts of water and vinegar. Wipe the solution with a cloth.
Tougher stains such as grease, wax and blood

It must feel terrible to see grease stains on the carpet. But there are ways to remove such stubborn stains. Use grease-cutting detergents to clean it up. If the detergents are capable of cleaning the grease on the dishes, the same can work on carpet as well. Use a spray bottle to spray the detergent solution to remove the stain.

When you have burned candles near the carpet, it quickly spreads in the strands of the carpet. A simple way to remove this is to iron a cloth on the carpet. The heat melts away the wax embedded in the carpet.

There may be small accidents that happen on carpet and the carpet gets stained with blood. First treat the carpet with a mild detergent solution. Then, use hydrogen peroxide solution that foams with the blood. Dab the solution with a cloth to dry it up. You would be surprised to see the stain vanish.

Apart from cleaning stains, it is also necessary to regularly remove the dust and dirt on the carpet. Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean the carpet. You can either use a machine or hire one of the professional Sydney carpet cleaner to clean the carpet at least once in six months.