Models Of Classic Wedding Cars

So you are planning your wedding and don’t know about models of classic wedding cars yet? Here we are to guide you about models and brands.

Need smart range of cars then go with vintage model of Rolls Royce. It’s old and classy look will woo everyone in your wedding. Classic wedding cars are bit smaller in size but can provide a fantastic touch. There are vast range of classic wedding cars are available and one can easily select from them. Features of Rolls Royce which are suitable for newly wedded couples are:

* Perfect interior for great celebration
* It’s presence is rich, it will decorate your wedding venue.
* This car associates with feminine features, so perfect for bride.
* Grand carriage for couple.

It’s specification, personification and comfort make the owner in love with car. Vintage models of Rolls Royce are:

* Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
* Roll Royce 20 HP
*Roll Royce phantom
* Roll Royce wraith.
*Roll Royce silver cloud
*Roll Royce silver shadow

You should also check the safety features, interior and physical conditions before hiring the classic wedding cars. These classic vintage cars contribute a lot in world of fashion and style. Models that are classical for your wedding are:-

*The Blue Beauford: It will give u exhilarating journey that will never be forgotten. The caris fully convertible. This car was so popular in first year of service.

*Bentley S3: This is a four door luxury car with modified interior. S3 is very similar to S2 with light power steering.

*Daimler Limousine (7seater): This is the large limousine and extensively used in British and Swedish royal houses.

* 1986 Daimler Launderlette (7 seater)

* Daimler Launderlette

*Cardillac De Ville Convertible. This is the most beautiful American classic car. It will make you centre of attention. This car is the timeless beauty, imagine your wedding photos with Cardillac in background.

* 1952 Jaguar Mark 7 Limousine. This is the only one of it’s kind and it’s beautiful and classic for the weddings and occasions.

Classic wedding cars Melbourne are superb in performance and style. These models are very exceptional and popular when it comes to occasions and big days. There are very less companies who keep classic cars because it’s very expensive to maintain and purchase them. For advanced booking you have to do some research in different areas and in different companies. It’s very difficult to find a classic wedding cars other than from original and standardized rental agency.


Car detailing is a process of cleaning thoroughly and restoration of any automobile. Bring your vehicle to professional car detailers the moment that it really needs to be cleaned.